Make Miner Management Efficient with BTC-Tools.

Simplify Miner Management with BTC-Tools: A Powerful Batch Processing Tool for Windows and Linux.

General Information BTC-Tools

BTC Tools is a powerful batch processing tool that significantly enhances the efficiency of miner management. Designed for those seeking to simplify the complex task of controlling miners, BTC Tools offers a high-quality solution.

Providing seamless and rapid miner management, BTC Tools can scan miners across multiple segments of the local network, giving users a complete overview, including details such as hash rate, temperature, fan speed, pool distribution, and other relevant information.

With the indispensable sorting feature, BTC Tools allows users to easily organize miners based on parameters like worker name, temperature, and hash rate. This enables quick detection of issues, such as miners with high temperatures or low hash rates. Moreover, BTC Tools introduces the “Miner Monitor” feature, providing real-time updates on miner information critical for promptly addressing issues during the sorting process.

Users can also batch configure their miners with specified pools, worker names, passwords, and mining difficulty, suitable for configuring all or selectively chosen miners.

BTC Tools stands out with its batch rebooting function, allowing users to effortlessly restart all miners or a selected subset. The tool introduces a new batch firmware update feature, simplifying firmware updates for all or selected miners. It offers control over miners’ power consumption in LPM or Enhanced LPM, as well as the ability to regulate miner frequency in overclock or underclock mode.

Finally, BTC Tools supports most Antminers and some Avalon miners, including Antminer S17, T17, S9, S7, T9, and Avalon A8, A7, and A6 series. The rebooting feature is exclusive to Antminers, while scanning and configuration features are available for both Antminers and Avalon Miners. With its advanced functionality, BTC Tools is essential for skillful miner management.

Kay Features BTC-Tools

Batch Administration

Witness the remarkable capability of BTC Tools in batch administration, allowing you to systematically oversee a multitude of miners effortlessly, efficiently configuring and rebooting them in a single coordinated action.


Through the distinguished “Monitor Miners” functionality, BTC Tools introduces genuine real-time monitoring for your cherished miners. This equips you with an arsenal of information encompassing hash rate, temperature, fan speed, pool, worker name, and more—a soothing elixir for the aficionado of mining.


Explore the tailor-made customization options provided by BTC Tools, granting you the freedom to configure miner pools, worker names, passwords, power consumption, and frequency with extraordinary finesse in LPM or Overclock/Underclock mode. Undoubtedly, a whirlwind of customization, unparalleled and unrivaled.

Download for Windows and Linux click here

Install and configure BTC-Tools.

Step 1: Download the BTC Tools software. The latest version is available via the link above for Windows or Linux.
Step 2: After downloading, unzip the file to any folder on your computer.
Step 3: Double-click the “BTC_Tools.exe” file to launch the program.
Step 4: Once BTC Tools is open, you will need to configure your miners. Click on the “Miner Config” button.
Step 5: Click the “Add Miners” button and enter the IP address or range of IP addresses for the miners you want to add and manage.
Step 6: Once you have added your miners, you can configure them by specifying the pools, worker names, and passwords for each miner.
Step 7: Use the “Batch Config” feature to configure all of your miners at once.
Step 8: Use the “Batch Reboot” feature to reboot all of your miners at once or only selected miners.
Step 9: If you want to update the firmware on your miners, use the “Batch Upgrade” feature.
Step 10: Use the “Monitor Miners” feature to continually refresh information about your miners and quickly identify non-functioning miners.
Step 11: Click the “Save” button to save your configuration and avoid having to reconfigure your miners every time you launch BTC Tools.

Search for ASICs using BTC Tools

To locate ASICs using the BTC Tools program, adhere to the following steps:

  1. Download and install the most recent version of BTC Tools on your computer.
  2. Ensure that ASICs are connected to your local network.
  3. Open Bitcoin Tools and click on the “Scan” button. The application will identify any ASICs connected to your network during the scanning process.
  4. Once the scan is complete, you’ll have access to essential information about your ASICs, including hash rate, temperature, fan speed, pool, worker name, etc.
  5. Efficiently organize your ASICs by various criteria such as hash rate, temperature, worker name, etc. This simplifies the identification of ASICs with suboptimal hash rates or elevated temperatures.
  6. Utilize BTC Tools to configure your ASICs with their respective pools, worker names, and passwords. This configuration can be performed individually or in batches for multiple ASICs.

How to change Antminer pool and worker if error using BTC Tools.

  1. Click on “Miner Config” to access the miner configuration settings.
  2. Locate and select the miner with the error.
  3. Click on “Edit Miner” to modify the pool and worker information.
  4. Update the pool address, worker name, and password as needed.
  5. Save the changes and click “Apply” to update the miner configuration.

How to change pools and workers name using BTC Tools

  1. Navigate to the “Miner Config” section within the program.
  2. Identify the miner for which you want to change pool and worker settings.
  3. Select the miner and click on “Edit Miner” to access its configuration.
  4. Modify the pool address, worker name, and password fields according to your preferences.
  5. Save the changes by clicking the “Apply” or “Save” button.

BTC Tool push-notifications

Notification and push notifications are features that let users to quickly recognize anomalous fluctuations in processing power and miners. This facilitates the identification of miner faults and minimizes losses.

Notifications and push notifications via SMS, emails, and the app are supported by BTC Mining Pool. After adjusting processing power, the quantity of miners, and the frequency of notifications according on user preferences, the notification feature can be turned on right away.

Method 1: Configuration from the Current User Panel

  1. Click on “Settings” in the top right corner of the user panel and select “Notification Settings” from the dropdown menu.
  2. On the notification settings page, configure the options through “Notification Settings” by checking the ☑️Activate box.
    • Notifications based on computational power: Trigger when the real-time pool power is less than or equal to the set notification threshold.
    • Miner count notifications: Trigger when the number of active miners in the pool is less than or equal to the set notification threshold.
    • Notification frequency: Set the time interval between notifications, with a minimum interval of 2 hours.
  3. On the notification settings page, click “Add New Contact” and configure the “Notification Recipient” settings.
    • Enter the phone number and email information of the contact person. If the activation conditions are met, an SMS and email will be sent to the contact person promptly.

Method 2: Configuration via the Sub-Account Management Webpage

  1. Log in to the sub-account management page.
    • Click on the sub-account name in the top right corner of the user panel, select “General Version” or “Professional Version” from the sub-account management dropdown menu, then go to the sub-account management page.
  2. Notification configuration.
    • General version: On the sub-account management page, click “Configure,” find the notification settings.
    • Professional version: Log in to the sub-account management page, click “Configure,” and find the notification settings.
  3. Set the notification text, add notification recipients, and activate ☑️.

Managing Miners Efficiently through Grouping Function

Function of miners grouping helps miners with a large number of devices to organize them according to required parameters, which facilitates their management.

  1. Practical scenarios of miners grouping:
  • Sub-account of mining pool owned jointly by multiple miners. When multiple miners use one sub-account, it’s possible to group them by owners and monitor the computing power of different groups.
  • Swift detection of miner issues. In case of a problem with one miner on a large farm, identifying the faulty miner can be challenging, so miners are grouped. This allows for quick localization of the issue by directly navigating to the group on the mining pool page.
  1. Guide to grouping miners:
  • Log in to the “User Panel” of the mining pool and select the “Miners” section.
  • Go to the “Miners” page and click on “Create New Group”.
  • Enter the name of the group according to the required logic and confirm.
  • Choose the miners you want to group and move them to the appropriate group.


Simultaneous Miner Scanning: This function enables the simultaneous scanning of numerous miners over various local network segments, providing basic data about each miner in the process.
Sorting and Monitoring of Miners: By using sorting and monitoring features, you may quickly spot broken equipment and take quick action.
Batch Configuration and Restart of Miners: Managing the settings and operational status of miners is made easier by using the batch configuration and restart of miners services.
Batch Software Update: This makes sure that updating the miners’ software is done effectively.
Power management and frequency setting: New capabilities enable mining equipment performance and power consumption optimization.
Support for Various Miner types: Most Antminer and select Avalon types are supported by the application.


You have questions. wE have answers.

In the ever-expanding world of Bitcoin mining, managing your operation can be a daunting task. That’s where BTC Tools comes in – a batch management application designed to streamline your mining business. If you’re interested in harnessing the power of BTC Tools, but find yourself grappling with questions about its functionality, look no further than this informative Q&A

What exactly is BTC Tools and what can it do for you?

BTC Tools is a sophisticated batch management tool crafted to assist miners in managing their mining operation, regardless of its size. This powerful software boasts a range of features, including batch configuration, batch rebooting, and batch firmware updates. With BTC Tools, you can easily configure all of your miners, including their pools, worker names, passwords, and mining difficulty – whether you want to configure all miners or just specific ones. Additionally, you can use BTC Tools to reboot all of your miners at once or only select miners, which can be incredibly useful if you need to perform maintenance or upgrades. With the batch firmware update feature, you can update the firmware on all of your miners at once, ensuring they’re always up-to-date and performing optimally.

Which types of miners are compatible with BTC Tools?

BTC Tools supports most Antminers and a selection of Avalon miners, including the Antminer S17, T17, S9, S7, T9, and more. It also accommodates the Avalon A8, A7, A6 series, and other Avalon models. Keep in mind that while scanning and configuration are available with both Antminers and Avalon Miners, the rebooting feature is only available with Antminers.

How do you get started with BTC Tools?

To get started with BTC Tools, first download the latest version for Windows or Linux from the official BTC Tools website. Once you’ve installed the software, connect your miners to your network and launch the BTC Tools application. From there, you can begin utilizing the various features of BTC Tools to optimize your mining operation.

How does BTC Tools help in sorting and detecting issues?

The tool provides sorting features based on parameters like worker name, temperature, and hash rate, facilitating quick issue detection. The “Miner Monitor” feature offers real-time updates critical for addressing problems promptly.

Can BTC Tools reboot miners in batches?

Yes, BTC Tools includes a batch rebooting function, allowing users to restart all miners or a selected subset effortlessly.

Does BTC Tools support firmware updates?

Yes, BTC Tools introduces a batch firmware update feature, simplifying firmware updates for all or selected miners.

What control does BTC Tools provide over miners' settings?

BTC Tools allows users to control miners’ power consumption in LPM or Enhanced LPM and regulate miner frequency in overclock or underclock mode.

How does BTC Tools contribute to skillful miner management?

With its advanced functionality, BTC Tools is an essential tool for skillful miner management, providing powerful features for monitoring, configuration, and batch administration.